The company was founded in early 2018 by a former college basketball player. It all began in a small European country called Lithuania. As a 17-year-old teen, he left his family and friends in Lithuania to pursue his dreams in the United States of America. He began his journey as a high school senior in Erie, PA.

After the season, he received a scholarship offer from NCAA school to pursue his basketball and academic career. He got a bachelor’s in Science of Business Administration degree with 3.9 cumulative GPA. He would have never had that opportunity to study abroad, but basketball provided him that chance.

Most of the people do not realize how powerful sports are and those who are lucky enough get to benefit from it. There are so many high school seniors today that could not afford to go to college because of their parent’s financial situation, but athletics give them a shot that they would have never had. Sports give them an opportunity to change their lives for the better.

This company was founded to inspire people around the world to hustle for their dreams. There is nothing impossible. Couple pieces of leather and some air in it could take you all the way across the world and provide you with opportunities that you never thought you would have only if you hustle and believe in yourself. We are truly proud that we are trusted by many to be a part of their journey and we are working hard to inspire more.

We believe in you! Go after your dreams whatever they may be!